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The Best Alternative to Online Payday Loans – Ontario

Installment Loans are the Perfect Financial Solution – No Credit Check Needed!

Traditional lenders like banks will often turn away applicants with poor credit for a loan in Ontario because they are deemed to be too high risk. As a result, those with weak credit scores are often forced to settle for a payday loan as a last resort when they face an unexpected financial crunch. Unfortunately, a payday loan is rarely the ideal, long-term solution. 

Payday loans are not ideal because they have high interest rates which drives up the cost of borrowing, as well as unforgiving repayment conditions. Because payday loans need to be paid back in full with the following paycheck, it’s easy for people in need of fast cash to fall into a vicious debt cycle. When they don’t have the money to repay their payday loan in full on the due date, they are forced to take out another loan. 

New debt quickly piles up in this way, and people often end up going through several payday loans before they can free themselves from this financial burden, which makes the total cost of borrowing a relatively small amount of money way too high. Thankfully, there are safer alternatives to online payday loans for people with bad credit: Installment loans.  

Even with a low credit score or a spotty credit history, you can apply online for an installment loan that will boost your bank account right away, but won’t penalize you if you can’t pay it all back in one shot. 

These personal loans are designed to be paid back in installments, thus the name. 

CashGO provides some of the best installment loans in Ontario, and we can help you get cash or pay your bills on time when you need help most in a way that fits your budget and your schedule.

Same Day Approvals

With CashGO, you can get a loan with same-day approval thanks to our lightning-fast processing times. Our agents take pride in their customer service, and they will help you get the installment loan that meets your needs and your budget.

Bad Credit? No Problem

Unlike traditional banks or lending institutions, our business is dedicated to serving those with bad credit. With flexible repayment schedules and lower interest rates than our competitors, you can’t lose with CashGO.

Totally Secure

Your privacy is important to us, and we treat cybersecurity very seriously. We use SSL inscription and our website is 100% HTTPS secure. Your personal information is always safe when using any one of CashGO’s services.

Payday Loan Alternatives Across Canada

Whether you live in Prince Edward Island, British Columbia or anywhere in between, getting money into your bank account with a cash advance – even if you have bad credit – has never been easier. 

CashGO is committed to providing Canadians with a more constructive financial solution than online payday loans. The lower annual percentage rate and more flexible terms make our installment loans easier to pay back than a payday loan, which helps people avoid the dangerous debt cycle caused by predatory payday lenders.

Bad credit history? No problem. Instead of payday loans, Ontario residents with bad credit now have a simple and secure way of securing financing through installment loans.

Delivering smarter loans is our forte! Apply now and discover why Canadians are choosing CashGO over an online payday loan.





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Why Choose CashGO?

CashGO provides the quick and easy installment loans Ontario residents need in times of crisis. They are the financing solution for anyone who finds themselves facing unplanned expenses, needs money for a quick vacation getaway, or who simply need quick access to a little more cash to make ends meet in the short term.

At CashGO, we know our installment loan products inside and out. After our years of experience in the lending business, we know that timing is key, which is why we’re such a great alternative to bank loans or a payday loan. We care about our clients and we want to make sure they get their money as quickly as possible, and that they get the best possible terms.

With CashGO, you can quickly and easily apply for and receive an installment loan from a reliable lender in Ontario – all from the comfort of your own home!

Thanks to our streamlined application process, you’ll get the results of your application in hours instead of weeks or months. If you ever have questions or concerns you can speak directly with one of our friendly financial representatives at any time.

If you need money now, CashGO is the answer.

What Can Installment Loans Be Used For?

At CashGO, we provide low-interest, short-term loans to people in need as quickly as possible. We are able to provide high-quality loans without the need for credit checks thanks to our streamlined and simplified application process.

People need access to quick cash for all sorts of reasons, and CashGO is committed to helping you achieve success, no matter what your plan is. With some of the best installment loans available in Canada, you’re always getting a great deal and a low interest rate when you work with our team.

 You can use your installment loan in any number of situations, such as:

  • Buying a used car to meet your family’s transportation needs
  • Getting a small business off the ground
  • Wiping out credit card debt 
  • Paying for tuition or school supplies
  • Going on a much needed vacation
  • Paying for wedding expenses
  • Taking care of unexpected medical bills
  • Carrying out a home renovation project
The Installment Loans Ontario Deserves

When it comes to short-term financial help or online loans, there are plenty of options to choose from. But if you need a quick cash advance, you can’t go wrong with an installment loan from CashGO.

Thanks to our quick and easy approval process, your installment loan can be processed the same business day, meaning you can get the cash you need in your pocket right away. No hassles from the bank, no long waits, and certainly no rejections!

With CashGO, you can get up to $3,000 in minutes, along with a customized repayment plan tailored to your specific financial situation. Unlike traditional banks or lending institutions, our business is dedicated to serving those with bad credit, and our installment loans are designed not to break the bank.

What Do I Need to Qualify?

No matter what your credit situation looks like, getting an installment loan from CashGO is a simple and straightforward process.

In order to apply you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a fulltime job
  • Not be in bankruptcy
  • Be a Canadian citizen

Learn more about our loan agreement conditions in the How It Works section.

Do You Have High Credit Card Debt? We Can Help

If you’ve had trouble recently getting a bank loan because you have a bruised credit rating, or if you simply want to get a handle on your mounting credit card debt, an installment loan might be the perfect solution. 

An installment loan can help you pay off mounting credit card debt, which in turn can improve your credit score and lower your monthly bills. Using our quick and easy application process, you can get the money you need to lower your bill, or for a total payback, for much less than it would cost through minimum monthly payments. 

By paying off your high-interest credit card debt with the funds from an installment loan, you will save money because you will be paying a lower interest rate.

Are you ready to apply for an installment loan online but are not sure where to begin? Simply click here to start the application process. 

If you would prefer to talk it out over the phone before applying, we’re always happy to chat and walk you through the process. Call us today at (674) 256-1422, and one of our professional and friendly representatives will help you get the installment loan you need. Or if you prefer to write, simply fill out a short questionnaire on our Contact Us page.