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What is the Annual Percentage Rate?

What is the Annual Percentage Rate?

Our APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 190%

Example of borrowing

Example of borrowing

A 500 dollar loan over a 90-day term reimbursed in 6 bi-weekly payments will consist of 6 payments of approximately $123.00. The total cost for the loan, including all fees and interest, is $738.00.

Repayment period

Repayment period

Minimum repayment period is 60 days. Maximum repayment period is 180 days.

Can my application get refused with Cashgo?

Can my application get refused with Cashgo?

Many stores are frustrated with their current bookkeeping arrangement. We know of the challenges associated with finding someone who is qualified and dependable, or of the revolving door of part time staff that need to be trained each time. With that comes the costs of fixing mistakes, training, and the lack of timely accurate financial reporting.

That’s right! We never give up and neither should you!

How much money can I qualify for?

Our loans range between $300 and $1500, however, a lower amount may be assigned after credit risk analysis is performed. We consider the future financial health of the borrower before anything else. Credit risk analysis is the first and most important part of our practice. The purpose is to mutually protect the applicant as well as the lender.

Please borrow responsibly!

Do I have to reimburse my loan on my next pay?


We do not offer payday loans. We offer an alternative and smarter loan product, that is more flexible and costs substantially less than a payday loan. Our loans can be reimbursed over a 90 to 160 day term, with no additional fees. Our product is an easy financial loan product, designed to be the among the best non-prime credit solutions in the country. 

Do I have to fax in any documents?

NO FAXING unless you own a VHS recorder and a dinosaur!

Simply upload a picture of your most recent utility bill as well as your driver’s license directly on your customer portal. Please note that we are working towards a “no document” procedure and it will be available as soon as the upgrade is complete.

What happens when I default on my loan?

Our LMS (loan management software) is designed to identify customers that are having trouble with reimbursement. Our agents are trained to resolve the situation by offering a payment plan they are comfortable with. Delinquents that do not respect these terms will be charged off and reported to Equifax as well as other credit bureaus. Defaulting on a loan can and will negatively impact your credit score. Please be responsible when using our services.

Can I get a loan if I am self-employed?


Cashgo will process self-employed applicants just as long as they have a steady income that is consistent with the payment schedules we provide.

Can I get a refused for having too many loans?

We take your financial health very seriously. We care about our customers and we work very hard to assist them in a painless financial recovery. Having many loans is being in a loan cycle. This can make it difficult to establish a budget and meet future financial obligations. Applicants with many loans are identified and offered a consolidation product that is designed to help them recover. Please refer to the consolidated credit section of our website for more detailed information.

When can I expect to get the funds?

All funds are deposited as soon as we receive your contracts. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the funds to be available in your bank. Repeat customers have access to EMT (Email Money Transfers) and can receive the money on the same day.

What is an IBV?

An IBV (Instant Banking Verification) is a service that allows lenders to access a read-only copy of your bank  statement. This service is provided by our trusted partner and mutually protects the borrower and the lender. Using this service ensures that the borrower is protected from identity theft and simplifies the lending process by eliminating the need to fax in banking documentation. Furthermore, the lender is protected by any fraudulent activity and maintains compliance in his lending practice. Rest assured that using this service does not give us any access to your bank account or your password.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is a financial loan product that replaces multiple loans with one larger and less expensive loan. It is a personal finance product that efficiently addresses high consumer debt.

Are you caught in a loan cycle and struggling to pay your loans?

Let us help you put your paycheck back in to your pocket where it belongs!

We work with a non-profit organisation called Consolidated Credit. If you are having trouble with high consumer debt, their qualified team of trained professionals can help you. Their credit counselling agents will rapidly asses your situation and assist you in regaining the financial stability you deserve.

Improve your credit score by consolidating your loans and graduate to more conventional forms of financing.

Don’t stay stuck in the sub-prime credit segment forever. Call us now, or click on the link below and let us help you achieve the economic stability you deserve.

Bad credit loans

“We offer unsecured loans even with poor credit”

It doesn’t matter if you are behind on your rent or late with your monthly bills. Your car may need some urgent repairs or you may simply just need a little vacation.

“Even if you credit is as messy as Donald Trump’s presidency”.

Our installment loans are a far better solution than your conventional payday loan or broker loan model product. Rest assured that our superior loan product will help you solve your problem and allow you to budget more efficiently in the near future. Begin with our instant loan application and get the cash advance you want for the price you didn’t expect.

“Bad credit loans have never been easier”.


Debt Counselling

If you are unfamiliar with how the credit reporting system works or if you would like guidance in understanding and improving your credit standing, please contact a non-profit credit counsellor at Consolidated Credit by calling 1 (844)-871-1426 for a free, no-obligation consultation or complete a form: click here for a free consultation.

Credit counsellors can help to assess your situation, clarify errors on your report and outline the best options to rehabilitate your credit through repayment of debts at lowered interest rates. This will enable you to qualify for new credit in the near future.

Free Consultation

Credit counsellors can help to assess your situation, clarify errors on your report and outline the best options to rehabilitate your credit through repayment of debts at lowered interest rates. This will enable you to qualify for new credit in the near future.